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Justin + Stavroula

Justin and Stavroula are located in the heart of the Kingfield area. Justin has years of experience in building and exterior property maintainance while Stavroula is a licensed Real Estate Agent and manages nine AirBnb properties (with more on the way!). They both have strong ties to the surrounding area and love spending time with their dogs exploring the trails in Carrabassett Valley.

Members of the Flagstaff Alliance

Taylor Property Management


Justin has been a part of the Sugarloaf community for the greater part of his life with strong family ties in the area. Aside from that connection he has a strong passion for outdoor activities and nature, primarily snowmobiling, skiing and hunting. 


Justin has worked in carpentry, maintenance and within the community for the past 12 years. The skills he acquired came from mentors in the industry whom have now become colleagues. His skills and work ethic are what drives his success in Property Management. He builds his relationships with his clients through effective communication, personalized services and ensuring that each task is completed successfully.  



Stavroula, also known as Stav, was born and raised in Central Maine with first hand experience in running a family business; she was exposed to the ins and outs of developing and operating a business from a very young age. Stavroula naturally fills the roles associated with finances, logistics and staffing.


In 2010, during her time at the University of Maine at Farmington she was introduced to this community. Between cross country skiing, hiking and rafting she quickly discovered that she would always be drawn back to the rivers and mountains of Western Maine. She and Justin have since bought a home along the Carrabassett River where they get to enjoy the beauty of this area!



Samantha joined our team back at the beginning of 2022. Prior to that, she's been gaining her skills in property management for last 10 years in the Western Mountains of Maine. For the last two years she was living off grid managing a hunting/sporting camp in Jackman, Maine. 


She moved to the greater Stratton/Eustis region in 2012. She's enjoyed working many job roles these last ten years, like Whitewater Guiding, Bartending, House Cleaning, Photography, and Property Management. Over the years, she's discovered her passion for the Maine Outdoors. 

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